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Future Museum Vision

While presenting Patsy’s musical legacy to worldwide audiences through the opening of the Patsy Cline Historic House, Celebrating Patsy Cline, Inc. (CPC) will continue to actively collect and preserve her music, memories, and memorabilia for the future Patsy Cline Museum. Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA), world-renowned museum and exhibition design firm, has completed the conceptual phase of the future Patsy Cline Museum.

CPC plans to interpret Patsy Cline’s passionate and poignant life story through experiential exhibits. These exhibits will feature a chronological walkway through Patsy’s life and will include artifacts, photo murals, and montages representing the different people, places, and events of Patsy’s life. Accompanying the milestones of her life story, the future museum will feature the images, related sounds, and moving pictures of her era, creating both a soundscape and visual tapestry of her life and singing career.

Physically and conceptually, the ultimate goal of CPC is to open a museum. It will be a new kind of museum for worldwide Patsy Cline audiences, one that unites community and artistic interests in fresh, compelling ways and enhances an appreciation of Patsy’s life, legacy, and music through the visual arts, music and unique performances. Bringing such a museum to life will require the financial support of community, business and her loyal fans worldwide. If you’d like to make a donation we can be reached at, or 540-662-5555.